Top 10 fears that hypnosis can help you overcome

A couple of weeks ago I watched Frank Skinner swim a length of a swimming pool in aid of Sport relief. Although for a lot of people this would be a ‘so what?’ moment, I watched him on the edge of my seat willing him to complete the lap. Why? Because Frank Skinner had a phobia of water.

He is not alone,  according to the National Institute of Mental Health, phobias affect approximately ten percent of adults. There are several explanations why phobias develop including evolutionary and behavioural theories. They often develop in childhood and can be triggered by almost anything. Some phobias are manageable because the fear stimulus is rarely experienced in everyday life for example a snake or needle phobia. Other fears can be paralysing because we are likely to experience the thing that we are afraid in our day to day life, buttons, pigeons and dogs may fall into this category.

We often put off dealing with a phobia because we are scared of having to face the very thing that we are afraid of in order to get over it. However treating phobias can be quick and painless. You only have to watch the look of achievement on Frank Skinners’ face after he completed his swim to know that it was worth it.

hypnosis helps overcome phobias

So, take a deep breath and just imagine what your world would be like without your fears, what would you be doing that you are unable to do now? How would you be feeling instead of being afraid? Watching Frank Skinner take that leap of faith into the swimming pool was inspiring because it showed that it is possible to take action, and to move beyond our own long held fears and phobias.

Whatever the cause and however strange you think your phobia is, it is a treatable condition that can be overcome with cognitive hypnotherapy. So what do people fear most? The top ten most common object related phobias are listed below.

1. Arachnophobia – fear of spiders.

2. Ophidiophobia – fear of snakes.

3. Acrophobia – fear of heights.

4. Agoraphobia – fear of situations in which escape is difficult, this may include crowded areas, open spaces, or situations that are likely to trigger a panic attack. People will begin avoiding these trigger events, sometimes to the point that they cease leaving their home.

5. Cynophobia – fear of dogs

6. Astraphobia – fear of thunder and lightning.

7. Trypanophobia –  fear of injections.

8. Social Phobias – fear of social situations.

9. Pteromerhanophobia –  fear of flying.

10. Mysophobia – fear of germs or dirt.

So if you are struggling with a phobia why not give us a call.