Pay it forward

Sunray – Pay it forward

A couple of weeks ago my car broke down as I was travelling along a busy road, I heard a ‘ping’ and my clutch was no more. I was trying to push my car round an uphill corner to get it off the main road into a safer position when 3 people took the time to help me. It was a Monday morning, they were all dressed for work and as soon as my car was safe they were gone. I did thank them at the time but we don’t always have the opportunity to pay a favour or a kindness back to the people that help us.

What we can do though is pay that favour forward. It was a huge coincidence that two days after my car broke down I was leaving my house when I saw my neighbour pushing his car down the road. Although he declined my offer of help it reminded me that there are always opportunities to pay a kindness forward.

One of the things that I’m doing in 2012 – 2013 is assisting on the latest Quest course. The Quest Institute is where I trained to become a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and is one of the most innovative courses I have ever been on. During my training I was introduced to a number of ‘assistants’ who gave up their time to help facilitate and support the new students.

They were an enormous help and a motivation to me as they had already passed the course and most were working as therapists. Although I can’t pay that kindness back to each individual I can pay it forward to the next intake of students and I am happy to do it.

So have you ever been helped by someone that you haven’t been able to thank personally?
Why not think about paying it forward instead and the side effect is that you’ll feel great doing it!

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