The Little Book of Stress Busters

stressbusters bookMany years ago I worked for a large telecoms corporation. My job was very stressful. I was bombarded with targets, performance parameters and quite often unhappy customers. I saw many people around me suffering from signs of stress; panic attacks, lethargy, and general feelings of being unwell and unable to cope. There was a significant number of people over the 17 years I worked there on long term sick leave.

Stress has always interested me. What makes one person more able to cope than another? What causes a person to become stressed? It’s often not one big thing but an accumulation of small pressures that build over time. So how do we manage stress? What can we do to help ourselves?

I began to collect ideas and techniques that people used and found helpful to manage their stress and in combination with what I have learnt in the last 7 years as a hypnotherapist have collected some of the most useful and put them into a book.

So I am really excited to announce that The Pocket book of Stress Busters is now here. It is a collection of tips and techniques that are simple yet powerful ways to help you manage stress. So if you or anyone you know would benefit please share the link and I look forward to hearing how you get on.

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