One of the joys of your Sunray MP3 is that It can be used at any time to help reduce stress. You can load it on to your iPhone, MP3 player, Blackberry, mobile or laptop and then it’s with you wherever you go.

When used regularly you’ll find that your stress levels will drop and you will be able to manage situations much more easily.

HOW TO USE: For the best results please listen at least once a day for the first three weeks.

WARNING: Never listen to the MP3 while you’re driving, operating machinery or doing something which requires concentration.

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Let go of Bruxism (MP3 – £9.95)

Do you grind your teeth? Our let go of Bruxism MP3 will enable you to let go of this challenging and often uncomfortable behaviour. Listen to it just before you go to bed for a restful and comfortable sleep.

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Try out our great FREE hayfever track! With the help of this MP3 from Sunray Cognitive Hypnotherapy, you will be better able to enjoy the spring and summer again! Learn what it is like to let go of hayfever. When used regularly you will find that your sensitivity to the allergens that cause Hayfever will be reduced allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors comfortably.

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Add to CartLet go of stress (MP3 – £9.95)

Use our MP3 download to help you manage stress, and stay in control – because when times get tough, you need to be able to remain calm and focussed.

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