Stoptober – You Can Do It With Hypnosis

Stoptober HypnosisThe public view on smoking has changed dramatically over the last 100 years. Once promoted by sportsmen and seen regularly in films and on television it was considered cool and sexy.

Today, smoking is seen as a nasty, smelly, addictive habit that not only damages the health of the person that smokes but the health of those around them as well. It has become number 1 on the anti social things to do list.

Maybe you’ve heard this all before, perhaps you’ve even tried stopping before?  Get involved in the NHS Stoptober campaign.

If you have made the decision to quit here are a few additional tips to help you stay on track.

Know why you are quitting.

  • Be clear about your motivation to stop it will help to keep you focused.
  • Write a list of all the reasons you want to quit and look at it every day
  • Focus on the benefits of quitting

Be aware.

  • We often perform habits unconsciously. It becomes so much part of what we do we no longer have to think about how to do it.
  • Becoming aware of our habits helps us be more in control of them.
  • If you have set a quit date change as much about your smoking habit as you can in the week leading up to it. Making it unfamiliar or uncomfortable can help break the pattern for good.

For example:

1.   If you have a preferred hand that you smoke with then change hands.
2.   If you usually have a cigarette with your cup of coffee try having it with a glass of water instead.
3.   Make your cigarettes hard to get to. Put them in the room farthest from you so that you have to make the effort to go and get them.
4.   If you usually have a cigarette as soon as you wake up make yourself wait 15 minutes.
5.   Anytime you smoke being engaged in the activity – don’t allow your mind to wander focus on smoking.


  • Make a commitment to stop.  People often say ‘I’ll try to give up’, – commit wholeheartedly to it ‘I will stop.’

Whether you are motivated by better health, more money or just proving to yourself that you can do it. Did you know that you are 5 times more likely to stop smoking with the help of hypnotherapy. Why not launch your very own success story in Stoptober.