Step into my world… See, hear and feel the other person’s perspective

Have you ever thought you were speaking a different language, unable to make yourself understood? It’s possible that you are.

We all have a preferred way of experiencing the world. Some people are more visual, others auditory, some people are touchy feely (Kinaesthetic) and others have an internal dialogue that never stops (Audio-Digital).

Although these 4 preferences are generalisations because in reality we tend to use all four depending on the context, they can have a huge impact on our ability to successfully communicate with one another.

Someone with a visual preference may ‘see where you are coming from’ but be unable to ‘hear what you say’. A kinaesthetic¬† may ‘get a feel’ for a conversation that doesn’t ‘make sense’ to an audio digital.

So next time you are in conversation with someone try to spot the language patterns they use. Is it dotted and coloured with visual words or maybe stuffed full of kinaesthetic clues? Perhaps it is silently screaming with auditory indicators or distinctly making sense from a audio digital perspective.

“You’re not listening to a word I say!”

“…and you don’t feel the way I do….”

Personality profiles show us that people don’t experience the world in the same way. This simple observation may deepen our understanding of why our friends, family and acquaintances act the way they do. When dealing with misunderstandings it helps to see, feel and hear the issue from the other person’s perspective… to step into their ‘world’.¬† If you are having trouble making your point, try changing the language you use to match the preference of your conversational partner and see how you get on!

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“Our greatest strength as a human race is our ability to acknowledge our differences, our greatest weakness is our failure to embrace them.”

-Judith Henderson