Evidence Based Therapy

Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy the only hypnotherapy organisation and training school that has evidence-based research specific to our approach to therapy and whose inhouse-funded research project is listed with NICE in their research area.

Our therapy research was conducted by a team of QCHPA members using outcome measures that are standard within the NHS. It demonstrated our effectiveness is greater for the treatment of anxiety and depression than other talk therapies such as CBT used within the NHS (71% compared to 42%).

What did our research involve?

We have been asking clients to complete an independent assessment of where they are at the start of their therapy, and then track their improvement through the follow-up sessions.  This independently assessed and stored data clearly shows the positive impact that Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapists achieve with their clients.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy research data is now being used by Warwick University in a long-term project. We have also been asked to share our data with a French team of researchers who are looking into the long-term impact of therapy on client’s lives.