Hypnotherapy and the power of thought

I was talking to a friend recently about her new neighbours. Let’s just say that relations between the two houses were not as she hoped they would be. As she was taking about them I realised that I had got caught up in her story of how rude they were and how unfortunate it was that they had moved in next to her.

So I started offering possible reasons why they may seem rude or unsocial – shy, introvert, feeling unwelcome etc. It reminded me that sometimes we do ourselves and those around us a disservice by thinking the way that we do.

When people choose hypnotherapy they often do so because they feel they have tried everything else. Part of the process that I go through with every client is to get them to try to think HOW and WHY they think what they do.

Understanding that you can change the way that you think is incredibly powerful if not always easy. So I wanted to share one of my favourite clips with you. Not only does it make me smile each time I see it but it carries an important message. We may not find it as easy to change our thinking as the lamb in the film but we can start to wonder if our thinking is the thing that is stopping us from doing more and boundin’.

Power of thought