Perception Issue 3 is available to read now

Perception Ezine is a quarterly magazine packed with advice and information on all aspects of your well-being and Cognitive Hypnotherapy. We’re very pleased to be included with Kim’s article on “5 Tips for Better Communication” featured in this issue.

This issue is full of fascinating articles from Brenda Cox about Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and how hypnotherapy can help. As Brenda observes, there are many possible causes – and equally there are quite a few techniques which may be employed by your hypnotherapist to find the ‘right way for you to relax, enjoy life and achieve your goals‘.

Russell Davis is the fertility advisor to the National Council of Hypnotherapy (see his Fertile Mind site here), and is interviewed by Tina Shaw about his own personal journey of becoming a hypnotherapist and his family’s ‘infertility journey’ as well as his passions of barefoot running, Apple Macs and old Land Rovers!

Hakuna Matata

Is the message from Chloe Cook (and her girls!) and if you’ve seen the Disney movie the Lion King, you may remember that Hakuna Matata actually means ‘no worries‘. Chloe discusses ways to overcome your worries and anxiety. Whether this is related to eating disorders, sleep, holidays, and all the other possible causes – Chloe shows us ways to take action and making small steps to overcome anxiety.

‘Do whatever you need to do to make sure that you live the life that you truly want, not the life that you find yourself putting up with.’

Tony Burkinshaw

I found Hugh Osborne’s article about ‘living beyond addiction‘ very interesting; with his experience of supporting addicts, it reminded me not just that with the best of intentions sometimes it’s easy to fall into bad habits which can become addictions – but that there is support out for those who need it.

‘If you have an addiction, a dependency or compulsive behaviour, that you feel is getting out of control, then why not see if there is a cognitive hypnotherapist practicing in your area who can help. Whatever you want to work towards, whether it’s simply to stop, cut down, or to have a full life makeover. You may be surprised at the difference a few sessions could make.’

Hugh Osborne

So, as you can see, there’s plenty to think about in this quarter’s magazine. Download your copy today (see below).

Perception Ezine June 2013

Perception Ezine June 2013