Pain management and self hypnosis

A couple of weeks ago one of my clients asked me if I use hypnotherapy on myself.  I do and I’ve had a superb opportunity over the last couple of days to use what I know about pain management. On Friday morning I had an accident whilst walking my dog. I twisted and broke the middle finger of my right (dominant) hand. The break is between the first and second joint, and bad enough that my finger was looking in the wrong direction (apologies if you are squeamish!)

Pain can be very helpful. Without pain, we might seriously hurt ourselves without knowing it, and we might not realise that we have a medical problem that needs treatment. Being able to manage your own pain through techniques such as self-hypnosis can be very useful, especially if the pain is chronic or severe.

There are several techniques that we can use for pain management. This ranges from completely anaesthetising an area, to dulling the pain so that it is at a manageable level. After the fall, I decided to make it just comfortable enough to get home from the dog walk. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t damage it further by not being able to feel when it was under strain.

The staff at the hospital were excellent. Despite all the pushing and pulling and resetting at the hospital, I only had one moment when the pain reached an uncomfortable threshold and I’ve have managed the pain without drugs since Friday.

So if you do have issues with pain why not consider giving hypnotherapy a try, have a look at WedMD for a review of how hypnosis can help: WebMD: hypnosis for pain.

Please remember that pain is usually there for a reason. If you are dealing with an injury, please consult your doctor, give yourself time to heal properly and be patient.