The Missing Keys

Hypnotherapy helps you rethink your directionAt some point in our lives we will probably find ourselves looking for something. This may be something as simple as keys but often we are seeking so much more.

Whether we are looking for happiness, fulfilment, success, wealth or any number of other things it doesn’t really matter because the way in which we search is as individual as the thing that we are searching for.

But how do we begin to look for the thing that we want or the thing that we have lost when sometimes we don’t even know what ‘it’ is. It can feel like we are searching in the dark.

When we are having difficulty we just need someone to direct us to look in the right place. As I use stories and metaphors in my work I thought I would share this one with you.

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The missing Keys

It was late and Nasrudin was down on all fours on the street in front of his house. It looked like he was searching for something.

‘What are you looking for?’ people asked him.

‘I have lost my keys,’ he answered.  

Some men bent down to assist him in the search. They looked everywhere, but could not find the missing keys.

Finally, growing tired, one of the men asked him, ‘Where exactly did you drop them?’

‘Inside my house.’

‘But then why are you looking over here?’

‘Obviously it is easier to look for them over here! There is more light here than inside my house!’


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