ME Awareness Week

ME Awareness Week
6-12th May 2012action_for_me_logo

ME Awareness Week takes place from 6-12 May 2012. Organised each year, the week seeks to enhance understanding of M.E. as well as increase funding for research into this difficult condition .

ME can certainly have an effect on various areas of the body and it leads to muscle pains, severe fatigue as well as problems with memory. It is usually extremely challenging for sufferers to live with , but there is support available .

ME is an illness with many names . Within the NHS it is commonly called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS or CFS/M.E). Sometimes it is known as Myalgic Encephalopathy or diagnosed as Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome (PVFS). It is a long-term chronic , fluctuating illness affecting 250,000 people in the UK. M.E. symptoms may include persistent exhaustion , muscle and/or joint pain, sleep disturbance, feeling ‘flu-like’ and having problems with memory and concentration. Many people with M.E. experience persistent fatigue or pain. However, M.E. is characterised by a range of additional symptoms.

A few of the signs and symptoms of M .E and Post Viral Fatigue are muscle fatigue and not being able to concentrate for lengthy amounts of time. Hypnosis and hypnosis may help the individual struggling with the problem handle the emotional and physical symptoms of the condition. Aching joints, discomfort , disturbed sleep, excessive fatigue, lack of ability to concentrate, as well as feelings of exhaustion are indicative of M.E. and Post Viral Fatigue.

Even though its cause is unknown it is thought probable that M .E and Post Viral Fatigue can develop following an infection or may be triggered by an emotional upset . Often the sufferer develops flu-like symptoms in the first instance and then the symptoms of M .E and Post Viral Fatigue worsen. The symptoms often get worse as the result of stress.

Individuals with M.E. and Post Viral Fatigue may find themselves too tired to work or even go out in some instances. The physical discomfort may also be very severe plus they may start having loss of memory, which could effect their lives. making it difficult to allow them to understand verbal instructions and loss of co-ordination. Many become exhausted by simple tasks . Evening sweats or severe shivering are typical, much like issues with balance .

Should you recognise all or any of those signs and symptoms in yourself then hypnosis may help – either directly, or by focusing upon related issues such as stress and depression.

Action for M.E. is the leading UK charity for people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) and their carers. They were founded in 1987 and throughout the previous twenty years they have been campaigning for better treatment solutions and research. In the course of the awareness week , Action for ME will be organising fundraising activities in addition to asking you to become involved. On the official ME Awareness Week web site you may learn everything about the charity, the week, as well as a great deal of fundraising hints and tips.

It’s easy to get involved , so visit the website today and make a difference this May.