Intuition as a ‘sixth sense’ or a ‘personal sat-nav’

Research into how our brains really work reveals new and exciting understanding all the time.  Recent studies on our sixth sense, that of intuition, appears to show that it is very much hard-wired into our make up.  Why is it then that we frequently ignore it?

trust your intuition

Sometimes it may appear to be  at odds with what our other senses are telling us, for example someone may tell us one thing, but we may ‘feel’ that there is more behind what they are saying.  Something may ‘look’  good and yet we feel intuitively that it isn’t. We should listen to these intuitive feelings, and consider them carefully. A friend and colleague of mine refers to our intuition as our ‘personal sat-nav’ and I think that’s a good analogy.

‘In life, if you focus on possibilities, they become probabilities. How you perceive the world and everything in it affects how the world influences you. The real power of intuition is that it gives us, at every moment, the capacity to change our destiny.’
 – Mona Lisa Schulz, ‘Awakening Intuition’
Intuition may come in many forms. Sometimes it is simply a sense that you should take one form of action, such as remembering to look both ways before walking into the street. In other ways it may be simply a positive (albeit subjective) feeling of one choice over another. Sometimes you may just be picking up on repeated signals, such as an opinion that you read in a newspaper that is reinforced later in the day by a friend giving similar advice, e.g. moving to a new area or a holiday destination.

Of course, these feelings are just that – feelings. The power of intuition is simply that ‘x-factor‘ when your heart and head agree; and something tips the balance for you.

Making use of your sixth sense in your interactions may help you to be more receptive and sympathetic to the concerns that the people around you face in their lives. Although, you might not feel at ease relying  upon on your sixth sense, if you take account of these insights, you may perceive more subtle associations and bring a more considered approach to your decisions and understanding of others; and the situation unfolding before you. With this level of awareness, you may find a more natural, instinctive approach to people and situations that makes your life more rewarding.

Your ‘personal sat-nav’ is set in the direction of keeping you on the right track.  Use it well!