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Hypnotherapy is becoming more and more recognised as the therapy that some Doctors and Medical Professionals recommend, because modern medicine is truly wonderful but sometimes our minds get in the way and that where hypnotherapy can help.

See Trevor Silvester, founder of the Quest Institute on the BBC Breakfast News talking about his new book “Lovebirds”. The idea of the book is a representation of the NLP personality traits, which underlies some of the techniques used by Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

[quote]Hypnotherapy is supported by more scientific research than any other complementary therapy…

(The Which? Guide to Complementary Therapies, 2002).


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On April 23, 1995, the British Medical Association (BMA) approved the use of hypnosis in the areas of psychoneuroses and hypnoanesthesia in pain management in childbirth and surgery. At this time, the BMA also advised all physicians and medical students to receive fundamental training in hypnosis. (Source Wikipedia)

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) provides guidance and makes recommendations to the NHS, said the following in relation to people suffering with IBS and Hypnotherapy.

“Hypnotherapy and/or psychological therapy should be considered for people with IBS” (Link to NICE Report)

Have a look at the Quest Institute website to see what people are saying. If you have any questions or are interested in how hypnotherapy can help in your life, do get in contact here.




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