Spring clean your bad habits

As the geese return from warmer climes and the snowdrops appear it must mean that Spring is on its way. Although the origins of the traditional Spring clean are a matter of debate it is something that I like to honour. Removing the last trace of the winter to welcome in the Spring just seems right.

Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to the places we occupy though. Many people turn their attention to Spring cleaning themselves with exercise, de-toxing and generally healthier lifestyle choices. More and more joggers, cyclists and walkers appear as the weather improves and the days get longer.

Spring clean your bad habits

How many of us consider spring cleaning our minds though? What thoughts, feelings or behaviours have been created in long forgotten winters that could be spring cleared away to leave you with a healthier, more positive you?

Our mental well-being is often over looked or silenced with negative self-talk such as ‘I can’t give up’, ‘I won’t be able to do it’ or ‘I’m just being silly’, but beliefs can be changed. Recognising negative or unkind thoughts about yourself and spring cleaning them into a positive alternative can help keep those negative thoughts from becoming a hard to break pattern.

So as you look forward into Spring don’t forget to keep aside some time to spring clean your mind and be a little kinder to yourself.