Hayfever season

Hayfever Hypnosis MP3 The sun is out, it’s officially summer and for a lot us it’s a welcome relief after the long, dark winter.

If you are among the 1 in 5 people that suffer from hay fever however then even the mention of the onset of spring and summer can cause noses and eyes to start itching.

It’s hay fever season. Caused by an allergy to grass or hay pollens, hay fever, like all allergies, results from your body over reacting to a normally harmless substance.

Whether your particular allergen is trees, grass, pollen it can be a miserable condition to try to manage. Cells in the lining of the nose, eyes and mouth release a chemical called histamine that results in cold like symptoms, runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing.

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Hay fever season can start as early as March and lasts until late Autumn depending on what you are allergic to. There are many remedies available over the counter or via your GP who can give you advice of the type of allergen you are likely to be reacting to.

Although there are plenty of lotions and potions that offer relief, if you prefer not to take medication of any kind then hay-fever can have you wishing for winter again.

So that you can enjoy the summer months tissue free we’ve got a free hay fever download for you to try.

Listen to it at least once a day for a month and let us know how you get on.