QCH is a powerful, solution-focused therapy that uses techniques from the most recent research on how the mind works to uncover, remove or change the unconscious ‘triggers’ that can cause negative behaviours or thought patterns.

At its core, there are elements of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Emotional Freedom technique and coaching, but it’s so much more.

How it works


Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a ground-breaking and evidence-based approach to therapy. With no pre-written scripts or fixed protocols, sessions are solution led and designed to get straight to the heart of the issue.


Everyone is different, and everyone experiences life in different and unique ways. In light of this, each session is designed and planned specifically for you.


Take control. If you want to overcome disruptive emotions, break free of anxiety, conquer behavioural patterns, change unwanted thoughts or maximise creativity, confidence and performance, you can.