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A little inspiration for you…
Merry Christmas 2012
Curiosity and world peace
Pay if forward
What to expect in your first Cognitive Hypnotherapy session
What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy? (A definition)
How’s Stoptober going for you?
Hypnosis and Stoptober
Bruxism (teeth grinding)
Pain management and self hypnosis
Are you feeling irritable? IBS and what to do about it
And so to bed… insomnia and how to overcome it
Simple Things
How to make a new habit stick
Take Control of Your Own Time
‘I am feeling very Olympic today’
Becoming a non-smoker, the easy way.
A letter to yourself
There is no failure, only feedback
Managing Your Great Expectations
Hypnotherapy and ‘A Fantastic Fear of Everything’
Negative self talk and how to challenge it
Please read the label. Contains introvert.
Loneliness and how to overcome it
Raising awareness of World Hypertension Day 2012
Intuition as a ‘sixth sense’ or a ‘personal sat-nav’
M.E. Awareness Week
Hypnosis: Overcoming Infertility the stress-free way
See, hear and feel the other person’s perspective
Improve your Relationship With Food
Top 10 fears that hypnosis can help you overcome
Hypnosis in Tunbridge Wells
Change your perspective
Take a holiday, leave your stress behind.
Change your Jeans and feel happy
Spring clean your bad habits
Panic Attacks
Love Languages
The fertile mind – fertility hypnosis programme
Why am I so emotional?
Better than sex
Good News for IBS Sufferers
The Nocebo Effect
Positive Psychology for Children
Great Quotes
Eating Disorders
A reflection on 2011 and looking forward to 2012
Public Speaking
Happy New Year
Confidence and Self Esteem
Weight Loss
Stop Smoking
Habit Breaking
Seasons’ Greetings
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Smokers – Don’t blame your genes.
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