A little inspiration for you…

“There is Nothing You Cannot Do”
-Tao Porchon Lynch.

I am completely inspired! In this article by Rick Schindler, he describes how his 93 yeard old yoga teacher ( Tao Porchon-Lynch) was recognised in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest yoga teacher in the world. She has led an incredible life, and is a real inspiration:

“The funny thing is, Tao’s age is just about the least remarkable thing about her. Over the dozen or so years I’ve known her, enough incidents to fill several colorful lives have trickled out:

  • She marched with Gandhi — twice — in her native India.
  • She fought in the French Resistance and underwent an emergency appendectomy during the Blitz after escaping France to London.
  • She was a model for fashion house Lanvin and a contract player for MGM, appearing in such films as “Show Boat” (1951).
  • When her friend Leslie Caron injured her foot, threatening to delay production of “An American in Paris,” Tao fixed it with a Coke bottle.
  • To get a part in a western, she pretended to know how to ride a horse (after she took off the saddle and rode bareback, Tao told me, “the horse and I got along fine”).”

So, if you’re sitting back from one too many mince pies after the Christmas break, why not start thinking about your goals and projects for 2013?