A little bit of perfect

red rose

I’m a bit of a Grand Designs fan. I am horrified, delighted, envious and pleased in equal measure as the houses get built. I love the weird, wonderful and sometimes grotesque houses that begin to grow from somebody elses dream.

I watched an episode recently that really touched me. The budget was small and the plans modest. The couple had saved for years to build their dream home on the Isle of Skye. The plot of land was surrounded by stunning views, sea and sky with a little bit of green in between.

It was the scenery that inspired the build. The couple were so in love with the Island that the design was based around maximising the views and minimising the look of the house in the environment. Although the house was not a ‘standard’ shape being more like a diamond the grass roof they had insisted on having blended it in with the surrounding hills making it look as though it had grow up as part of the landscape.

As the presenter was talking to the couple he mentioned the rather small proportions of the house, one bedroom, open plan. One of the owners replied immediately saying that it was better to have a little bit of perfect than a lot of everything else.
What a wonderful way to think. So much of life seems to be about doing more or getting more, here was someone that was more than content to have a little bit of perfect and not worry about the rest.

We can’t always have everything we want so how about appreciating the things that we do have and recognising the little bit of perfect that already exists in our lives?

If you don’t already have it why not think about creating it.. your little bit of perfect doesn’t have to be a house it could be your garden or a part of your garden or just one flower in your garden . It may be something else entirely but whatever it is why not go and enjoy it now.

Photo by CherieJ