A letter to yourself


If you had the ability to travel back to a moment in your life and give your younger self some advice, guidance or reassurance what age would you go back to and what would you say?

When we are young we tend to judge our experiences in terms of absolutes – black or white, good or bad, right or wrong. So for example we win or lose a race. As we grow we gain the ability to experience life in shades of grey. So we may be able to appreciate that although we didn’t come first in the race, we were running with people with more experience, we achieved a personal best or that coming third out of 40 people is something to be proud of.

However some of the judgements we make as children remain fixed and they can affect us. Giving your younger self the gift of an adult perspective can significantly alter your experience. This forms the basis of one of the techniques that we use in therapy and is very successful. Letting go of limiting beliefs or absolutes enables greater flexibility to view yourself in a positive way and that can only be a good thing.

Why not have a look at http://www.dearme.org/ for some inspiration and for some interesting ideas and then have a go yourself without restricting yourself to your teenage years!