Weight Loss

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Everyone knows that a healthy diet and plenty of exercise is recommended for a healthy lifestyle. However dieting simply does not work for some people.

The human body is designed to let us know when we are hungry and when we are full. For people that overeat the ‘full’ signs are ignored and they continue to eat. There can be a number of reasons for this, such as eating so fast that the signals of being full are missed or not wanting to waste food ( often taught at an early age).

Other reasons for overeating may include boredom, loneliness, food based rewards or protection. Many of these reasons can be traced back to an emotional event that happened in childhood and has remained locked in their unconscious mind.

Weight Loss

Changing the role food plays and an individuals’ attitude towards it can be the key to long-term and permanent weight loss Sunray Cognitive Hypnotherapy may be able to help. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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A very warm welcome to Sunray! Choosing the right therapist or coach is a key step in achieving whatever need brought you here, so I’ve done my best to provide you with what I hope will help you decide if I’m the right person for you. I love helping people become better at being themselves by letting go of anything that limits them or reduces their quality of life. My clients come with a wide range of problems or goals, probably including yours, so if you are committed to changing I can probably help.

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