How to stay calm over Christmas

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Feeling Stress at Christmas, Try Hypnosis!Christmas is almost here. You’ve swept your chimney,  got extra carrots for the reindeer and have almost finished the present shopping. Now all you have to do is host your relatives, cook a feast fit for a banquet, entertain your guests and still look like you are having fun. Phew.

So how do you manage to navigate the festive holidays and still have energy and good humour to spare?

1. Even Father Christmas has little helpers.
Don’t try to do everything yourself. If you have friends and family staying with you get them to lend a hand. It may just be laying the table or making a drink but every little helps. Most people like to get involved and feel they are being useful so let them. Christmas is about sharing after all.
2. It’s just a few days.
Keep it in perspective. Although for some people it can seem like a lifetime, the Christmas holidays are actually very short. You have 300+ other days in your life where you cook, host, share time with family, buy gifts that they don’t raise your stress levels so why let Christmas?
3. Take time to enjoy it.
Plan time in the day where you can sit down and enjoy the company of your family and friends. Being busy all day and missing out isn’t fun for either you or your family. Arrange your day so that everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy each others’ company. This could be playing games, going for a walk or even watching the Christmas movie – ‘Sound of Music’ anyone?
Most of all remember that Christmas is traditionally a time of celebration so enjoy.
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