Positive Psychology for Children

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Martin Seligman is a pioneer in Positive Psychology.   He has recently had talks with senior advisers in Downing Street about training youngsters in techniques to enable them to cope with life’s adversities.  I find this such an innovative and exciting approach, because being human can, at times, be very painful and difficult.   However, our approach during times of difficulty can make a huge difference between being able to cope and to being completely overwhelmed.

Trials in British Schools have found that training children in resilience raises their I.Q’s; gives them a happier outlook and makes them better able than other children to handle adversity.

Positive Psychology for Children

The brain is not rigid, it is capable of truly amazing things and change is possible at any age, but  I believe that training children in this way could lead to more contentment, better health and less social problems in the generations ahead.

For further reading check out the website Positive Psychology Centre

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