Raising awareness of World Hypertension Day 2012

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May 17th is designated World Hypertension Day. Established to raise awareness of the conditions cause by high blood pressure such as stroke, heart and kidney diseases caused by high blood pressure levels, World Hypertension Day also aims to highlight solutions that can help people lead healthier lives.

What is Hypertension?

Your blood pressure level is a way of measuring the force that your heart uses to pump blood around your entire body. It is quite natural for your blood pressure to change as you go throughout the day. It is when it stays too high consistently when it is known as ‘hypertension’. Many people have high blood pressure without realising as there are no symptoms and are therefore at greater risk of heart disease and strokes. If you think you may be affected, please contact your doctor.

‘Hypertension causes almost 62% of all strokes’

High blood pressure affects in the region of one in three people around the world, causing heart disease, stroke and kidney disease and diabetes. It affects over sixteen million in the United Kingdom and over fifty million people across the United States. Unfortunately, in 90% of cases of ‘primary’ or ‘essential’ hypertension, doctors are unable to find a physical cause – and that’s where the Hypnotension™ programme may help.

Take control with Hypnotension 

As certified Hypnotension Practitioners, Kim Wilson and Hilary Murray from Sunray Hypnotherapy are fully trained and licensed to provide the Hypnotension Programme.  We can help recognise and handle your unique emotional and life-style factors; and together we can help you to lower or even return your blood pressure to normal levels. The Hypnotension™ programme uses proven cognitive techniques and behavioural coaching to make it easier to ensure that high blood pressure is a lowered to healthy rates. It also puts you back in control by identifying and addressing all the hidden factors that lead to hypertension. The programme assesses each client’s unique requirements and then builds a treatment plan that significantly reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease.

We hope that this helps. For more information please call or contact us through our contact form.

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