Scared of flying, let hypnotherapy set you free

Fly comfortably with hypnotherapy

With so many people off on their holidays I thought it would be appropriate to discuss a very common phobia – fear of flying. In cognitive hypnotherapy whenever we deal with a phobia we are interested in when the fear started. If it started as a result of a (scary) single event, especially but not [...]

What's a boulder got to do with Hypnotherapy?

What’s a boulder got to do with Hypnotherapy?

Quite often I meet people that are sceptical of hypnotherapy. They don’t see the point of ‘dragging up the past’ or having to go through painful memories again. Although I assure them that hypnotherapy isn’t always about reliving painful memories or digging around in the depths of their emotions some people won’t be swayed to [...]

Hot flush hypnotherapy

Gone in a flash

Hot flashes or flushes as they are also known are often associated solely with women in menopause. But men can also suffer from them. Harvard medical School argues that although fewer men experience this condition than women some men find it as difficult to deal with as their counterparts. Around 70% of women experience hot [...]

Monsters under my bed - hypnosis can help you get rid of them.Monsters under my bed - hypnosis can help you get rid of them

There are Monsters under my bed

I was in Westerham last week talking to a friend of a friend and when she asked me what I did for a living she told me that she was terrified of being hypnotised as she was scared of what she might find. It’s not an uncommon reaction and it reminded me of when I [...]

Perception Magazine

Perception – the Cognitive Hypnotherapy Ezine (Summer 2014)

The latest edition of Perception Magazine is out now, click here to subscribe and click here to read it online. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is tailored to the individual’s needs. It looks at the way you perceive yourself, your unconscious thoughts and your behaviours. It is effective for a whole spectrum of a person’s life, where the [...]