breathing help relax hypnotherapy

Breathing – using it to help you relax

One of the tools I often give clients to practice is a technique called 7/11 breathing. It may seem strange to think of breathing as a technique because it’s something we usually do without thinking about it. But breathing in a particular way can create an amazing change in the way that you feel. I [...]

great things come from small starts

Think small

As we head towards the end of January I wonder how many New Year’s resolutions have already fallen by the wayside? Making resolutions isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What makes them unsustainable is that we want to change too much too soon. I was speaking to a friend who confessed her resolution to give up [...]

Hilary Murray

A note from Hilary

As regular visitors to this website may have noticed, I am no longer featured as a Sunray therapist. Having reached retirement age and beyond, I have been thinking for quite some time about making changes; have been winding down my practice over the last few months and have now seen my last client.   My plan [...]

Perception Magazine

Perception – the Cognitive Hypnotherapy Ezine (Autumn 2014)

The latest edition of Perception Magazine is out now, click here to subscribe and click here to read it online. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is tailored to the individual’s needs. It looks at the way you perceive yourself, your unconscious thoughts and your behaviours. It is effective for a whole spectrum of a person’s life, where the [...]

Change one thing

Change one thing

As I was searching for a topic for this weeks’ blog I came across this story which was published in The Hypnotherapy Journal Issue 1 volume 13. I love it because it shows how one small thing can change your whole perspective and quite literally your life. Erickson who is referred to throughout the piece [...]