Kim Wilson

Hello 2016

Happy New year to you all. Traditionally New year is the time to make changes, think about our goals and generally make plans to improve our lives. This year however, rather than talk about resolutions and how to keep them or more commonly, why we break them I want to start the new Year off [...]

Merry Christmas from Sunray

Well doesn’t time fly. It’s that time of year again and the shops are bulging with ‘must have’s’ for Christmas. Food adverts are continuously tempting us to eat more and indulge because it’s the season to be jolly. Do I sound like the grinch? It’s just a gentle reminder to remember what Christmas means to [...]

What if you were your own best friend?

Do you have a best friend or a group of friends that you enjoy spending time with? If so, what do you like about them? Why does it feel good to be with them? Sometimes we like people because they share our interests, or our sense of humour sometimes we enjoy their company because we [...]

The Little Book of Stress Busters

Many years ago I worked for a large telecoms corporation. My job was very stressful. I was bombarded with targets, performance parameters and quite often unhappy customers. I saw many people around me suffering from signs of stress; panic attacks, lethargy, and general feelings of being unwell and unable to cope. There was a significant [...]

Creating your world and feeling vulnerable

One of the aspects of my job that I particularly enjoy is personal development. Coaching clients to progress, to achieve, to become the best possible versions of themselves is a real privilege. Often all that is holding them back is a thought or a worry about ‘what if’. The ‘what if’ is usually about vulnerability, [...]