A reflection on 2011 and looking forward to 2012, by Hilary Murray.

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For me life is far too precious to ever wish it away, but I must admit that in
2011 I’ve had to face a few challenges which haven’t made it the happiest year
I’ve ever had! Of course, that is just how life goes at times, the important
thing being that we survive these times and emerge stronger, wiser and with
our basic selves intact.


The events of my own personal year have led me to reflect on resilience and
on how we cope, or don’t cope, in times of adversity. Why some people
become stuck after certain life events and what things can really make a

Obviously, with my training, I acknowledge the importance of our thoughts on
our experience of life, but the longer I live, the more I become convinced that
it really is as simple as that- we are what we think.

So whatever life brings you in 2012, whether it’s more of the same thoughts
and behaviours that you no longer want, or new patterns of behaviour that
you don’t want to take into the future, just remember that it is possible to

Your life is a gift, is it time to unwrap your own potential?

Best wishes for your year ahead, Hilary

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